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Indirect Tax - VAT

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Our specialist VAT team can help you stay on the right side of the ever-changing VAT rules, ensuring you are in the best trading position.

We can help manage and mitigate VAT liabilities at any and all stages of your business development, identifying cash-saving opportunities, undertaking the registration process and guiding you on restructuring and trading in the UK, Europe and internationally.

We have extensive experience of dealing with HMRC and can work proactively with the agency to achieve the best outcome for our clients, whether in constructive or defensive modes. We often secure additional VAT benefits for our clients that previous advisers have failed to spot.

The key areas we specialise in are:

  • Transactions, contracts, due diligence and compliance
  • New products and planning for capital projects
  • International supply chains
  • Managing VAT risk
  • Partial exemption methods and planning
  • Health checks and full VAT audits
  • Advising on property projects including funding arrangements
  • International and EU VAT/Customs duty planning
  • VAT/insurance premium tax/air passenger duty in the travel and leisure industries
  • Internal VAT training sessions
  • VAT anti-avoidance legislation

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